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The procedure for reviewing


of the rules of sending for consideration, reviewing and publication of scientific articles (materials) submitted for publication
to the editors of the scientific journal "Bulletin of the Kalmyk University "

1. Rules of sending for consideration

General requirements

Author prepares the manuscript of a scientific article in strict accordance with the "requirements for the articles to be published in the journal "Bulletin of the Kalmyk University " and sends it to the journal in printed and electronic form. The electronic version of the article should conform strictly to the printed version. The printed version must be signed by the author (s).


An article submitted for publication must be original and have not been previously published and was not sent for consideration elsewhere. If the article contains any images having copyright, it is necessary to attach permission for using them.

The following documents should be applied:

- Profile of the author (and co-authors);

- The author's agreement for the right to use scientific article in peer-reviewed journal;

- External review on the published article of the candidate and / or PhD in the relevant specialty, signed and certified by the official stamp. The authors also provide a graduate-review (review) of the supervisor;

- Certificate from the place of study (for graduate students).

- A photocopy of the payment document.

2. The rules of reviewing

2.1. All scientific papers received by the editors "of the Bulletin of the Kalmyk University ", are subject to mandatory reviewing.

2.2. The editorial office sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation for admission to the editor publication prompted.

2.3. Executive secretary of the journal is the primary consideration Receipt for compliance topics of the journal and the requirements of registration, and also checks the system "Antiplagiat" (not less than 75%).

If the article content does not correspond to the subject of publication, it is withdrawn from consideration and the information is sent to the author (s). If the material does not meet the requirements of registration, it is returned to the author for revision.

In the case of compliance the article is sent for the expert assessment, supervising the appropriate area of ​​science, and / or experts, scientists and specialists in this field. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed material and have publication of peer-reviewed articles on the subject for the last three years. An additional review may be imposed in case the article has interdisciplinary or discussion characteristics. Terms of reviewing in each case is determined by the executive secretary of the journal with the creation of conditions for the most rapid publication of the article. The maximum period of reviewing should not exceed 10 days after receiving the manuscript by the reviewers.

2.4. The review highlights the following issues: a) whether the content of the article corresponds to the title of the topic; b) whether paper is consistent with modern achievements of scientific and theoretical thought; c) if the article is readable by the audience to whom it is addressed, in terms of language, style and arrangement of the material, clarity, tables, charts, figures and formulas; d) whether it is appropriate to publish the article based on previously published articles on the subject; d) what are the exact positive aspects and disadvantages of the article and what corrections and additions should be made by the author, e) whether the article is recommended with corrections of deficiencies made by a reviewer or is not recommended for publication in a journal included in the list.

2.5. Reviews shall be certified in the manner prescribed in the institution where a reviewer works.

2.6. The reviewing is conducted confidentially. The author of the article under reviewing has an opportunity to read the text of the review. Breach of confidentiality is possible in case when the reviewer states about invalidation or falsification of the materials contained in the article.

2.7. If the review makes recommendations for correction and additional work with the article, the executive secretary of the journal sends the text of the review to the author with the proposal to take it into account when preparing a new version of the article or arguments (partially or completely) to refute them. Modified (corrected) paper of the author is re-routed for reviewing.

2.8. A positive review is not sufficient for publication. The final decision on publication is taken by the editorial board of the journal.

2.9. After the Editorial Board takes the decision on the admission of an article for publication executive secretary shall inform the author and specifies the terms of publication.

2.10. The originals are kept in the editors’ office of the "Bulletin of the Kalmyk University" for five years.

3. The rules of publication

3.1. Articles are published as soon as they are received. The text should be carefully edited and signed by all the authors to print.

3.2. Authors of articles are responsible for the content of the articles and the fact of their publication.

3.3. No fees are paid to authors. Graduate students are not charged the fee for publishing articles.

3.4. Manuscripts are not returned to the authors.

3.5. Articles accepted for publication are edited, including prepress preparation of the article for publishing in the next issue of the journal.

3.6. Articles, which are not accepted for publication, are not sent to the authors. Articles rejected by the editorial board, are not re-examined.

3.7. The editorial board of the scientific journal "Bulletin of the Kalmyk University" is guided by the ethical rules of international scientific publications, including integrity, confidentiality, oversight of publications, the possibility of possible conflicts of interest and others.


3.8. Duties of editors, editorial board, the journal reviewers.

Editors should evaluate the intellectual content of the manuscript, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, origin, nationality or political preferences of the authors.
Any manuscript received for reviewing is regarded as a confidential document. The editor and editorial board undertake not to disclose without the need information about accepted manuscripts to all persons, except to authors, reviewers, potential reviewers, other scientific advisors and publisher. All of them undertake not to use without written consent of the author's personal investigations unpublished data obtained from manuscripts submitted for consideration.

3.9. Duties of authors. Authors of the articles should provide reliable results of the work done and objective discussion of the significance of the study.
Authors undertake to provide original work not published in other publications, and in the case of using works or statements of other authors must provide the appropriate bibliographical references.

3.10. The article is published only in case of full compliance with the "requirements for the articles to be published in the journal "Bulletin of the Kalmyk University".